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Our Company, a Bonita Springs Florida based firm, has been serving the Lee, Collier  and Charlotte County Area with pest control services for over 23 years. We are a local family owned and operated company specializing in residential and commercial pest control, rodent control, organics, trees, palm trees, as well as turf, palm and ornamental fertilization.

We have worked with clients to protect and to ensure a pest free and beautiful environment.

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Palm tree insect pests, diseases & fertilization

We are successfuly controling the newest PEST attacking our trees with our "Treeoz" system. The "RUGOSE SPIRALING WHITE FLY." was first collected in Miami-Dade in 2009 and is believed to have originated from South America.. This White Fly has landed on the west coast of Florida and is highly visible. The broad host range goes from palm trees  to woody  ornimentials and fruit trees. Coconut palms and Areca palms. Hard woods affected are Gumbo Limbo, Black Olive, Copperleaf, Cocoplum, Wax Murtle, Live Oak, Avacado and Mango. Additional hosts are likely to be added.
The total amount of damage done is not known yet however White Flies in general cause plant delcine, defoliation and branch dieback. White flies produce "honeydew", a sugery subtance that causes SOOTY MOLD. Monitor plants for early sign of an infestation as it will be easier to manage the pest before it builds in population and causes major damage.
The most effective control and optium effect is "TREEOZ DIRECT TRUNK INJECTION" clinically tested for more than 10 years and availlable now through our company. Unlike standard methods of CROWN DRENCHES OR ROOT INJECTIONS that leach out of the tree or is spread on the open ground, this treatment can be appliled directly into the trunk of the tree with no exposure to the public, environment or applicator and is not affected by weather conditions. The result is its fast acting with much better control as the tree takes it up much quicker that convential methods. In some cases, a few days versus a few months. Unhealthy plants in a weakened state are an easy target for pests and disease. Nutrient deficiencies are the biggest cause of decline leaving plants and trees in a stressd state and open to a variety of diseases, fungus and insect attacks.TREEOZ DIRECT INJECTION of a nutrient package made specifically for the plant is one of the best defenses. Other factors that contribute are sunlight, watering, mechanical care and proper installation.
TREEOZ DIRECT INJECITONS inlcude systemic fungicide treatments (Fusarium Wilt in palms), systemic insecticial treatments, (Weevils and Wood Borers in hardwood trees & palms), nutrients for all palms and hardwoods and a NATURAL PRODUCT for FRUIT TREES leaving the fruit eatable even during treatment.. 
FERTILIZER: Our available follow up program with REAL FERTILIZER ensures proper nutrition for a healthy tree.
We have custom blended fertilizers that are made fresh with ingredients that are reccomended by the University of Florida and are critical to the health of all trees.

EMERGENCY PEST CONTROL SERVICES : Pest control emergencies strike often in southwest Florida.  Homes that are closed for summer season or empty office spaces are often targets for nesting of insects and spiders.

Bon Voyage Pest Control Services offers emergency services to residential and commercial customers.


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Eco Friendly Pest & Lawn

"GREEN" IS THE THEME...  We are now using organic fertilizers for the lawn, shrubs and trees with great results!

Pest control management and chemical safety for your family and pets are very important to us. We are licensed to properly manage and handle pest control chemicals. Other chemical free or organic products are available through our GREEN program.